Regional Connections Before Local Connections #2


That is the thing that we feel. Almost 2 years since we battled for on-road bike foundation in Arlington, to make the city more secure, and more available by its occupants, the city has yet to introduce any of the arranged bicycle courses.

To add to the mistake is the finger-in-the-eye declaration that the city is subsidizing a multi-year transport test case program at the expense of $350,000 a year i.e. Pilot transport venture could start coming in Arlington by August, and Passengers would pay $5 to $8 passage on Arlington transport administration to Center Port. As far as bicycle framework, that is the whole on-road part of the Hike & Bike Plan ($291,000) in addition to an additional $50,000. In the event that the city put that sort of cash into on-road framework on a yearly premise, we would as of now have the on-road foundation authorized by the affirmed arrangement, in addition to the base in the first arrangement that was remove as a false compromise with Tea Party individuals and U.N. connivance scholars Buddy Saunders and Zack Maxwell.

While associating the city’s inhabitants to the TRE line (after they went on having their very own station) is praiseworthy however to some degree past due, by the day’s end it’s simply one more test case program that can vanish when the political will vanishes, or cash is tight i.e. as per an online journal article at the Dallas Morning News about the most up to date experimental run program:

“Arlington has attempted commuter transport lines some time recently, banding together with the Fort Worth Transportation Authority, known as The T, in 2008 to run an expedited administration to and from downtown Fort Worth. That stop and-ride exertion collapsed in 2011 on account of low ridership and deficient financing.” (Benning, DMN)

Paint on the ground, keeps focused ground. What’s more, courses put set up become better known and more utilized after some time. In the event that the city is not kidding about better transportation choices for its inhabitants, they’d do well to finish on the Plan they went in August of 2011 as opposed to frilling endlessly dollars on another transport test case program which, if past execution is any sign, will be another wellspring of frustration for Arlington transportation advocates.

On the off chance that you feel like bike framework is not getting it’s expected acknowledgment, or you need to express your failure with the present course the city’s transportation arrangement is going, please compose the city board and let them realize that you bolster the Hike & Bike Plan’s execution.

You can keep in touch with the whole gathering by duplicating & gluing their email delivers underneath to your email project of decision:



Subject: I bolster actualizing the Hike & Bike Plan

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