Have Your Packages Delivered To Shipping Lockers

One easy way to reduce car trips is having your online package orders delivered to lockers. Each time you receive a package, another vehicle comes into your community. Instead of having each package delivered to your front door, you can instead choose to have your package delivered to a nearby locker for free. Then, just take a short walk or bike ride to cover the last mile of your shipment.

This results in fewer trips for delivery drivers and reduces the frequency of delivery vehicles starting and stopping (when carbon emissions are at their worst). This way, drivers simply drop off packages all at once in one location.
Choose one errand to make on your bike

Chances are there are a few errands that you make regularly that could be done by bike. Maybe it’s the pharmacy, a lunch stop, or a friend’s house. Find just one trip that is less than 3 miles that you are making by car, and see if you can do it by bike.
Eat Local

We all know one of the best things about living in Arlington is the incredible food options that we have. Whether you are going out, or staying in, choosing a restaurant that’s within biking distance is a great way to reduce car trips. You can be sure there are some great options nearby. Plus, this is a great excuse to try places in your neighborhood that you’ve been wanting to try.
Bike to work

As many people begin returning to the office in the coming months, don’t forget that biking to work is a great option. A lot of you rode more, or started riding, during the pandemic—you can keep going! Biking helps you feel ready for the work day by getting your body moving and giving you a chance to clear your head during your commute. Even if you can’t bike the whole way to the office, connecting to the bus or metro via your bike is a great way to have a sustainable, multi-modal commute.
Try an e-bike

E-bikes are a fantastic replacement for most car trips. In many instances they are just as fast, if not faster than driving. Plus you don’t need to worry about finding a parking space. E-bikes combine the benefits of driving a car with the fun and sustainability of riding a bike. If you are looking to try out an e-bike, check out a local bike shop or find one of the new pedal assist e-bikes on your Capital Bikeshare App.

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